MyPath and COVID-19

During the COVID-19 outbreak, MyPath and its companies are continuing essential operations in most of our settings.

We’re here for those we serve, and for each other.

teacher cleaning

The Richardson School, like many others across the country, continues to work through the implications of COVID-19 (coronavirus) for our schools, families, and community.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found below. To view this information as a pdf., click here.

Will students be required to wear masks at school?

While it is recommended that facial coverings be worn when you are within six feet of a person from another person, we recognize the limitations our students may have to tolerate something on their face all day. However, students will be encouraged to wear facial masks. Students are welcome to bring facial coverings from home or TRS can provide a disposable one as an alternative. All TRS staff are required to wear masks, enforce social distance whenever possible and practice good personal hygiene.

How will The Richardson School keep the buildings clean and sanitized?

Our protocols are more than a deep clean. Each building, classroom, office and other space is outfitted with HALT Cleaner and Disinfectant. It is a hospital grade cleaner that is supplied to us under contract from our cleaning company. It is rated by the EPA to kill COVID-19 on surfaces. This cleaner is used by our staff after morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack on all high touch areas of the classroom including but not limited to desktops, door handles, light switches and other areas. Additionally, each school is fully cleaned by our vendor on a nightly basis, again all high touch areas including normal cleaning of the school. Between use, common areas like the sensory room are disinfected and nightly items like bean bag covers and/or swings are washed. Central A/C or room air conditioners will be on during occupancy, if not on cool then on vent to increase external air flow into the classrooms.

What procedures are in placed in case of an outbreak?

In a situation that a known staff or student has been on campus and tests positive for COVID-19, each school building is equipped with electrostatic sprayers that allows for a classroom-sized space to be disinfected within a few minutes. The ability to provide a responsive service has been very helpful in mitigating any lingering virus concerns. Please know this is on top of the regular cleaning and we deploy this level of emergency response service on an as needed basis. All staff and students are required to remain home as long as CDC guidelines or the Public Health Department recommends. Depending if the person has symptoms or a positive test, the length of the homebound status varies and is individualized to the situation.

How will social distancing be enforced?

Staff will be assigned to a group of students/children. Variations to this pattern require administrative approval and/or are the result of unforeseen circumstances such as providing consistent or emergency staffing support. Students will be assigned to a single teacher/classroom. Students will be seated 6’ apart as much as is reasonably possible. Staff will avoid mixing of student groups as much as possible that does not impact learning and educational goals. Students will not be allowed to enter classrooms other than their assigned classroom as much as possible. Subject to local health orders, outside playground equipment may be closed at times limiting outdoor activity to grassy areas only.

How has the drop-off/pick-up routine changed?

Upon arrival, all students and staff will have their temperatures screened by the DAHUA Thermoscanner. Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Video Any individual with a temperature at or above 100.4 degrees, or who displays other COVID-19 symptoms as defined by the CDC at arrival or during the day, will be required to leave and follow CDC guidelines for quarantine before returning to school. The normal practice of meeting you at your vehicle will continue to occur. For times outside of the start or end of the school day, please call ahead or upon arrival, and staff will ensure your child/student is brought to you. At this time, we will not allow individuals to wait inside the school building for their student.

What can my student bring to school?

TRS continues to ask that students refrain from bringing any items into the building that are not necessary for the academic day. Students are provided a bin for their non-education items, but that space is limited. Per the CDC, virus transmission is possible on surfaces and as such limiting exposure to these is critical.

Will students with COVID-like symptoms have to present a negative test in order to return to school?

No. There are many reasons that cause illness symptoms and/or an elevated temperature above 100.4. It is required that the student follow CDC guidelines and/or the Health Department guidelines for quarantine prior to returning to school.

Does The Richardson School have enough PPE?

Because of our larger affiliation with MyPath, we have access to supply chains in the health care industry. This has afforded us the ability to have PPE at our immediate disposal including KN95 masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, gowns, and face shields. Each TRS location has a stock of these items available daily as well as we have a reserve available at our corporate office. We are able to restock and redeploy resources at any time and as needed.

Will the health department undertake contact tracing of the infected individual and notify other students who have come into contact with that person?

Yes, we will comply with the requests of the local health departments. Generally, current practices include a TRS Administrator contacting and providing the local Health Department with names, numbers, addresses and any other information they request of both staff and students as needed.

Will Richardson require students and staff who have had contact with an infected individual be tested?

At this time we are following CDC guidelines with regards to testing or quarantine requirements. Depending on the individual situation, we are learning many staff are both proactively and reactively being tested. We are requiring our staff to quarantine as the guidance requires and/or a health department has ordered and requested. Staff or students are not allowed to return to school until quarantine protocols are met, there has been no exception to this rule and both are held to the same standards. The CDC has many lengths of quarantine that are contingent upon testing, not testing, symptomatic or not symptomatic and if exposure has occurred, if that exposure is high or low risk, etc. As a result, we review each situation individually and develop a plan with HR for staff return in alignment with the guidelines.

What is the policy for visitors to each of the campuses?

Visitors and guests are not allowed at this time unless their presence is for essential services and support. If you need to drop off something for your student, we will meet you at the door. We are creating options to provide virtual tours and have put on hold any non-essential visits to our schools. IEP and other team meetings will be scheduled virtually until further notice.

Can my student take over-the-counter medications at TRS?

TRS is no longer able to provide this option. Many of the reasons for use of Over-the-Counter Medication include treating symptoms identified by the CDC as potential COVID-19 concerns. TRS encourages all parents to keep children home if they are ill or suspect illness especially related to symptoms defined by the CDC as having potential for COVID-19. Psychotropic medications will be given as prescribed by a physician per the medication administration form found in your enrollment packet