Our Campuses

We believe that offering students a fun, safe, comfortable, and welcoming school environment is one of the most important factors in the learning process. In keeping with this philosophy, we set out to create a school that looks and feels like a school, but with specialized educational, behavioral, and social supports.

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Our schools feature amenities that include large classrooms, sensory rooms, student fitness areas, outdoor playgrounds, gymnasiums, cafeterias and a mix of both traditional textbook curriculum and cutting-edge technology such as in classroom computer instruction, iPads, student chromebooks and interactive boards in every class. Click on a site below for more information.

Appleton location


Welcome to the newest TRS campus! Opened in January 2021, we are excited to bring our expertise and therapeutic supports to the Fox Valley.

Beloit location


Home of "Bobcat Takeout", TRS-Beloit has been supporting students from South Central Wisconsin and Illinois since 2013.

Brookfield location


TRS-Brookfield opened as the 2015-16 school year began to meet the growing need for student support in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Madison location


In November 2016, TRS expanded its reach into Dane County. TRS-Madison is conveniently located on the North-East side of Madison across from the Dane County Regional Airport.

West Allis location

West Allis

TRS-West Allis is where it all began in 2011. This original school building is where the Bobcat mascot originates and initial school concept was developed.


Nexus Virtual Education

Nexus Virtual Education, a new virtual education option from MyPath for students with IEPs. Please contact Cassandra.Cannon@mypathcompanies.com for more information.

A MyPath Company

MyPath is the glue that connects companies so clients know we can support them across different stages of their life. For over 30 years, MyPath, the parent company overseeing nine separate service divisions, has made a difference in the lives of individuals who face a broad range of challenging disabilities and disorders.

The advent of The Richardson School came from the same vision shared by all of MyPath’s Family of Companies—to be the provider of choice for people with disabilities—and to provide innovative services and settings to meet individual needs. The Richardson School was developed in response to local school districts seeking an alternative and a therapeutic day school option, within the local community, to effectively educate and treat students who previously struggled in more traditional school environments. The Richardson School is committed to this vision, and to the success of the students it serves.

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MyPath Beliefs and Behaviors

The MyPath Beliefs and Behaviors are the guideposts we use on our journey:


  • We are confident our work makes life better for the people we serve.
  • We make decisions in the best interests of our clients, employee-owners, and the Company.
  • We believe we have a bright and promising future.


  • We set high professional standards that reflect the needs of our clients and business.
  • We own our problems and proactively find solutions. We follow through on our commitments. We communicate in advance when responsibilities cannot be met.
  • We are humble. We acknowledge and learn from our mistakes. We embrace opportunities to educate one another.


  • We treat our employee-owners with the same respect we give to those we serve.
  • We believe diversity in background, skills, and experience creates a stronger team and better results.
  • We celebrate our successes.


  • We practice honesty and integrity. We operate with transparency in all of our interactions.
  • We are empowered to provide input about our environment. We question what does not seem right.

Continuous Learning & Innovation

  • We are committed to ongoing growth and development in our professional roles.
  • We apply our knowledge to create innovative and effective programs for the people we serve.

MyPath External Stakeholder Code of Conduct

MyPath’s mission is to transform lives. We rely on our five core Beliefs and Behaviors to support this effort.

To carry out our mission, we employ and serve people who represent a variety of characteristics and identities. Every one of those members of the MyPath community is valuable. We strive to create an environment where those who differ in age, ability, race, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, religion, sexual orientation, size, socio-economic status, veteran status, and other characteristics nevertheless prosper together through shared values and goals.

We collaborate with stakeholders who help us achieve this mission. Our extended community holds a shared responsibility to treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times and to create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Accordingly, any person, family, or entity that engages with MyPath is expected to demonstrate inclusive and respectful behaviors in every interaction with MyPath. This includes activity and comments posted on social media or shared with other external stakeholders. It also includes direct personal interactions during MyPath provision of services.

This Code sets forth the standards we expect our stakeholders to follow. It is not intended to reduce, replace, or limit any legal or contractual obligations that stakeholders may owe to MyPath. Since it is impossible to predict and describe every situation, stakeholders should follow this Code in both spirit and letter.

MyPath takes seriously any failure to meet the expectations set out in this Code. We may decide no longer to do business with any person, family, or entity that fails to follow it.