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Do you have any affiliations with local school districts or churches?

No. The Richardson School operates as private school, and is recognized by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Although TRS locations are often in buildings owned by a local school district or owned by a local religious institution, we only lease space from these organizations. TRS believes in providing as close to a natural setting as possible, which has made the locations we choose ideal for the supports we offer.

Is The Richardson School a member of any organizations?

TRS is approved and recognized by: NAPSEC (National Association of Private Special Education Centers). We are recognized as a private school by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and approved by the Illinois State Board of Education as a private school. We are members of the Council for Exceptional Children, the Autism Society of Southeastern Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Association of School Personnel Administrators

Additionally, TRS has participated in local awareness events such as the Autism Gala, WalkNow for Autism Speaks, and Autism Society of Wisconsin conferences.

What is the student-staff ratio?

Our classroom model is 8-10 students per classroom with minimally 1 licensed teacher and at least 1 licensed Special Education Program Aide. Safety is always our first concern, and our classrooms are supported primarily based on this need. We also have Instructional Aide Supervisors, Special Education Supervisors, Float Aides, and additional on-site Administrators who provide support and assistance for students during crisis moments, ensure overall building safety, and work with the students and staff to develop effective student intervention plans.

Do you have after school programs?

TRS offers Respite as an option for families needing care for their student both before and after school hours. Supports are provided by well-trained professionals in our current educational areas. During winter, spring, and summer break, TRS offers Bobcat Camp: a week long, recreation-based, community centered camp. Please contact the school for more information about either of these offerings.

Do you have summer school options?

TRS offers Extended School Year (ESY) throughout the summer months. However, participation in ESY is not guaranteed for any student, as it is dependent on their IEP. Since ESY is a separate IEP team decision, it is possible to enroll in just ESY, and not the regular school year. It can also be used as a transition period if a student is planning on starting in the fall at TRS or returning to their district.

Do you offer transitional support?

An array of transitional supports and services for the home school district, the student, and their families is also available. Contact us to learn more.

How can I learn more about The Richardson School?

For more information about The Richardson School, please see our Contact Us page.

You can also download a copy of our brochure here.

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