121030N_C1_FRP_015Whole Student Assessment

The Richardson School is unique in our ability to design instruction around the individual needs of each student. Each student receives a whole student assessment; one that is student-centered and tailored to the individual. Within this model, each whole student portfolio package begins with an informal assessment, an environmental observation to identify student strengths and needs within their current location, necessary accommodations, observable learning styles, and individual interests.

Following the informal environmental observation, a student participates in additional formal/informal assessments, looking into individual areas of both academic and cognitive approaches. Through this assessment, a student’s academic and behavioral baseline can be identified, benchmark objectives clearly noted, a plan for individual progress designed, and the rate of documenting and reporting progress outlined.

All academic instruction is aligned with Wisconsin’s Common Core State Standards as well as National Standards for Education.

Carefully-Selected Curriculum

121030N_C1_FRP_058TRS utilizes only research based curriculum that is in line with the Common Core State Standards. All of the curriculum has built-in comprehension checks and assessments to gauge student knowledge and mastery of the material being taught. Our curriculum can be accessed through various modalities to best fit the learning styles of each individual student.

TRS curriculum covers all core academic areas for students grades K-12 as well as Health, Science, Guidance, Gym, Art, Technology Integration, Social Skills, Transitional and Vocational skills, and Self Advocacy. All instruction is assessment-based while aligning with the Core State Academic Standards and Individualized Educational Plans of students.

Curricular Enhancements

TRS Curricular Enhancements are integrated throughout the academic day to increase student interest, involvement and participation with our cross-curricular design. TRS enhances instruction with technology integration via use of Smartboards and iPads as well as technological approaches integrated within curricular activities of Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Health, Social Skills, and CreativeArts.

TRS enrollment occurs throughout the school year.  Curriculum begins at the current academic functioning level of the student.  A student will progress through our curriculum as fast or slow as it takes for them to master the concepts and content.